Creative projects

Written by Tom Dutson

We are always keen to get involved in projects that turn your trees into useful and beautiful items for your home or garden.

We have experience of planking logs on-site with a chainsaw mill and have dehumidifier wood-drying kiln. 

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Converting the trunk of a large storm-damaged sycamore tree into planks that will eventually become the worktops and units in a farmhouse kitchen
  • Planking the trunk of an 18m tall cherry tree that had to be felled due to decay at the base. The rich red timber is currently air drying before going into the kiln
  • 6ft wide rustic ash bookshelves made from a Cumbrian tree. These large scale shelves retain the character, shape and grain of the tree whilst providing a great deal of useful storage space
  • Weaving garden panels, screens and arbors from hazel and willow

We're up for anything like that - it's great to have a tree live on as a hand-crafted piece of furniture, a turned bowl or sculpture.


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